Since opening Hotel Noir in 2008, we have been committed to a few basic principles:

Support local suppliers and producers where possible.

  • We buy our bacon, eggs, black pudding and sausage from our local butcher who is next door and he gets it from local farmers in the York area.
  • Our fruit & veg, milk and bread also come from a local York supplier.
  • Even our drinks company is based just a few miles up the road.

We only use quality products, food and drink.

  • Every baked bean is courtesy of Heinz, as is our tomato sauce.
  • Our complimentary soft drinks are Coke and Sprite or R. Whites lemonade.
  • We use Fair Trade tea bags and sugar and are trying to find more ways to support this initiative.
  • Apparently there exists a catering product called substitute cheese.  We have no idea what this is and you won’t find out at our Hotel

Adopt eco-friendly policies whilst ensuring our guests are happy.

  • We have energy saving light bulbs everywhere possible.
  • The beautiful complimentary toiletries in your room are in large bottles which we refill instead of using throw-away minis.
  • We ask guests to think before putting their towels into laundry.
  • We use a local laundry company for our sheets and wash our own towels to reduce travel time of the bedlinen.
  • Breakfast cereals, jams and sauces are served in reusable dishes rather than single serve portions to reduce packaging and waste.
  • We serve mineral water and fresh milk in reusable containers in the bedrooms to reduce packaging and waste.


  • We are in partnership with Associated Waste Management – this amazing company takes all our waste, recycle every last bit they can and then anything which they can’t recycle is compressed into bricks and sold to an energy company in Denmark which burns them to produce energy.  Sadly it has to travel there but it’s a lot better than going into landfill and we just hope that the UK finds the way to do this here and cut those transport costs.